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14.12.2017 18:14 Uhr
Thalmann & Verling Trust Reg.
The starting point for any successful asset management is invariably trust. Giving us the opportunity to earn your trust would be a generous gift and a sign of your esteem. What ultimately counts, however, - for you and for us - is success and the knowledge that we have earned your trust.
Understanding your aims and expectations, what values are key for you, what interests you are pursuing and what obligations you are fulfilling, but also knowing what risks you are willing to take, all these aspects are of major significance to us. We want to learn what kind of person you are and what is important in your life. That knowledge is vital if we are to continue down the road to success together.
Generating professional strategies and implementing them within a defined framework is our obligation. Equally important is the task of continuously reviewing, challenging, observing and taking professional action at the appropriate and right time.Our fundamental concept is to monitor cycles, exploit trends and then to allow time to work on our behalf.
In addition to expertise, know-how, professionalism, honesty and authenticity, it is also our fairness, transparency and our personal approach as human beings that make our organisation unique.
We look forward to earning your trust.
Remo Thalmann        Annemarie Verling
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