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"Symbiosis between past and future, origin and power. The art of meeting others without losing oneself. The courage to preserve one's origins and thus meet the future."

~ Author unknown 

Our history

After several years of cooperation, Annemarie Verling and Remo Thalmann take advantage of the signs of the times and found "Thalmann & Verling Trust reg. The asset management company is based in Triesen in the Principality of Liechtenstein.
Liechtenstein joins the EEA.
The company moves into its own premises at Landstrasse 310 in Triesen. They offer proximity and discreet distance, a view across the Rhine and thus beyond the national border. Space for the future and the contact point for all questions concerning investing and investing money.
Introduction of the European financial market directive MiFID I on 31.3.2007.
It represents an important cornerstone for a high degree of harmonized protection for investors.
In the year after the worst financial crisis in history, Thalmann & Verling Trust reg. celebrates its
15th company anniversary.
Thalmann & Verling Trust reg. repositions itself. Established values are communicated anew, a brand management is developed. A new image with a new logo and a new claim is created: Trust deserves.
20 years Thalmann & Verling Trust reg.
After the financial crisis of 2008, the difficult years that followed and the regulatory changes, we look optimistically to the future and celebrate our 20th anniversary. Family Office Services are expanded.
MiFID II: New challenging directive in replacement of MiFID I - new opportunities.
As of Jan. 3, 2018, MiFID II, a new European directive on markets in financial instruments, comes into force. Maximilian Grabherr joins the company.
25 years Thalmann & Verling Trust reg.
Nadine Kümmerli joins the company and Maximilian Grabherr takes over as Head of Mid- & Back Office.
Gian-Luca Thalmann joins the company, ushering in the second generation of the company.
His focus is on research.
Generation change at Thalmann & Verling Trust reg.: Remo Thalmann hands over his place on the management board to his son Gian-Luca. From now on, Remo Thalmann will focus solely on his passion - asset management and interaction with clients.

Thalmann & Verling Trust reg. is once again ready for the future.

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